Work life Balance

It's mother's day.... a casual conversation in the lift ...led to an interview the same evening and a job offer.... My status changed from a stay at home mom to an working mom...before the change could sink in I was at work three days later... my years of planning to how I would manage my... Continue Reading →

Life – a balancing act

I  was delighted on being invited to be the keynote speaker at my husband's office as part of  their women's day celebration's.  Topic given was 'work life balance' , my only concern being at that time, I was a 'stay at home mom' asked to speak to a group of working women. Yes, I had worked... Continue Reading →

Do we know what we are eating?

As I was cleaning my kitchen shelf this morning my stored asofetida caught my attention. It had 30% maida. The package that caught my attention was the one I bought in my hometown Chennai. I was happy that finally Indian products were starting to have the ingredient list. I checked my current package which was... Continue Reading →

Empowering Vs Protecting 

When you have a thirteen year old going on fourteen, the question on our mind is How much do I empower? Do I just protect my child ? How much do I push? When do I hold back? This is a struggle we face almost every day, from helping them find their socks to what they do... Continue Reading →

The unpredictability of Life

Staying on the other side of the world and following the US elections was an interesting journey I should stay. Watching the primaries and then the conventions was an experience. What stood out for me was the day of results. Being about twelve hours ahead of Washington,  just as the day starts for us,  it... Continue Reading →

Now that’s my Name

Sherene Ellen Sornamalar Rajaratnam was the name lovingly decided by Dr. Rajaratnam Abel and Dr. Jolly Rajaratnam for their daughter, me. When I was four, my dad got an opportunity to study abroad, so off we went as a family and as protocol would have it, my name was added into my moms passport (those days kids did not... Continue Reading →

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